���Źؼ��֣� ������ ������ ��Ӣ�� �����빫˾ ������


��Դ������ ���ߣ�  ����   ʱ�䣺2011-03-28   �����


������������ choose a general from among the


�������������;� Irish Republic Army ��IRA��

��������������ʿ patriotic democratic personages

��������ͳһս�� patriotic united front

���������Ṭ Elysée Palace

���������� Bird-Loving Week

�������ݼ��� Love me, love my dog.

���������� Loving Care Project

��������˹���ŷ�ᣨ�������ң� Andean Summit

�������ӹ��� Comfortable Housing Project

���������� euthanasia

��������� Security Council

������ȫ�� safety strip

������ȫ��һ��Ԥ��Ϊ�� Safety first, precaution crucial.

�������ɱ�Ҫ�ؼ���Ĺ��񾭼���ֵ GNP at factor cost

�������Ҵ��� mortgage loan

�������ҹ��� to buy a house on mortgage�� to mortgage a house

�������ͷ��� distribution according to one's performance

���������侲�۲졢����Ӧ���ķ�����໥���ء���ͬ����ľ������������ in handling international affairs, we should observe and cope with the situation cool-headedly


���������ű� to assign priority according to seniority

�������� unrequited love�� fall in love with someone secretly

����������� black case work

��������ƥ�˾��� the Olympic ideals�� the Olympic spirit

������ķ����� Japanese Aum Doomsday Cult

�������� Olympic Committee

�������Ŵ������Ʒ� Ruins of St. Paul

�����ͽ� the Palestinian Liberation Organization

��������˹̹�������˶������ FATEH

��������֤ȯ������ Paris Bourse

�����κӣ���Ϸ�� tug-of-war

�����μⴴ���˲� Top-notch innovative personnel

�����ѹ� guard a pass

�������մ�� grasp the overall situation

������Ȩ���� hegemonism

�����׽𺺹� Buckingham Palace

�������췸�� white-collar crime

�������칤�� white-collar worker

������������ Prince Charming

������Ƥ�� white paper

������ɫũҵ white agriculture

������ɫ��Ⱦ white pollution

������ɫ����� white sheet

������Ľ������ Burmuda Triangle

�������Ų���һ�� Seeing is believing.

�����ڻ����� a metaphor for presenting an attractive facade but in reality lacking substance

�����ڼ��� put on airs

�������׶� put on airs�� show off�� keep up appearances

��������ƶ�� shake off poverty�� lift oneself from poverty

�����ݰ��ֵ� sworn brothers

�����ݽ����� money worship

�������� pay New Year call

���������� have a concubine ��originally a Cantonese expression��

�������ɵ��� work contracted to households

���������� overall rationing system�� scheme of payment partly in kind and partly in cash

������������ contract for labor and materials

�������� to charter a plane�� a chartered plane

���������� underwriter

�������ֵ�ͬ����Ⱥ�ڵ�Ѫ����ϵ�����ֵ����Ƚ��ԡ������Ժ��Ž�ͳһ The Party must keep its flesh-and-blood ties with the people as well as its progressiveness, purity, solidarity and unity.

�������ֹ��񾭼ó��������١�������չ Maintain a sustained, rapid and sound development of the national economy

�������ֹ��й� keep the State-held shares

����������˰ protective duty/tariff

���������۸� protective price

��������ɡ protective umbrella

����������̬���� preserve the ecological environment

������������ protectionism

����������Ħ therapeutic massage

���������� bowling

�������� on bail

������˰�ֿ� bonded warehouse

������˰�� tax-protected zone

�������ϴ�ʩ supporting measures

������֤���ʻ� margin account

������ֵ���� index-linked interest rate�� inflation-proof interest rate

���������� guarantee period

�������۵� quotation of prices

�������� apply for reimbursement

���������� produce an unexpected winner��a dark horse bobbing up

������ʿ������վ Mobile post-doctoral stations

������ȱѡ�� by-election

�������򲻳ɽ� "No discord, no concord. "

�����������ǷǺú� He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.

�����������ȫ�����˼��������ʺͿ�ѧ�Ļ����� we should unceasingly upgrade the ideological and ethical standards as well as the scientific and cultural qualities of the entire people.

���������ƽ����۴��� constantly bring forth theoretical innovation

����������ǿ�л������������ increase the cohesion of the Chinese nation.

�����������µ���ͳѡ�ٽ�� the neck-and-neck presidential election result

��������ð have no interest

�������ܲ����� minister without portfolio

������������Ļ��� white lie

����������ͶƱ secret ballot

�����������˶� non-aligned movement

�������ɿ��� force majeure

��������������Դ non-renewable resources

������������ non-performing loan

���������ʲ� non-performing loans

���������� not take it�� not go for it

��������֮ҹ white night

�������������� unidentified flying object ��UFO��

���������Ƿ� Stay out of trouble.�� Let sleeping dogs lie.

������ҹ�� "sleepless city, ever-bright city"

������������ spare no effort�� go all out�� do one's best

����������ϲ�����Լ��� not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personnal losses

�������������� unfair competition

��������֮�� bad ��harmful�� practice�� unhealthy tendency

������������ Potala Palace

�������׶�ɭ����ϵ Bretton Woods system

�������н� pedestrian street

������������ pedestrian overpass

�������������� ministerial meeting

�����μӺ�֧Ԯ�����󿪷� Participating in and supporting the development of the western region.

�����μ�ֲ�����֡���ɳ��ɳ����ɽ���֡��˸����ֻ��ݵȹ��� Take an active part in activities such as forestation, sand prevention and control, closing mountains to facilitate forestation, and returning reclaimed land and forests and grassland.

������ѧ Tibetology

������ˮ��Ʊ water-down stocks ��ordinary stocks that can be bought by persons inside a stock company or a business at a cost lower that their face value��

������Ʒ�Ƽ����� technological element of a product

������Ʒ�������ڷ��� LCA ��Life Cycle Analysis��

������Ȩ������Ȩ����ȷ������ֿ�����ѧ���� "clearly established ownership, well defined power and responsibility, separation of enterprise from administration, and scientific management "

������Ȩ�ƶȡ���Ȩ��ϵ property relations�� property order

��������ֱ�ӹҹ� directly link production with marketing

������ҵ���������� upgrading of industries

������ҵ�ṹ���� upgrading of an industrial structure

���������� LM-2E

�������������� Yangtze River delta

�������������� the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River

�������� a long-distance running

�������ڹ��桢����ල���ε����ա������빲 "long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, sincere treatment with each other and the sharing of weal or woe "

������;�绰 distant calls

�������߲�Ʒ product in excessive supply

�������浼������ The conventional operational-tactical missile force

������������ executive member of the council

��������γ� open-topped limousine

������ͨ���� Smooth Traffic Project

�����������Ͱ�ȫ�ۡ������������ģʽ�����͹��ҹ�ϵ has initiated a new security concept, a new pattern for regional cooperation, and state-to-state relations of a new type.

�������ߵ� mouth high-sounding words

���������پ��ͼ���� giant ultra-high-speed computer

������ǰ���� "pre-mature consumption, overconsuming, excessive consumption "

���������ҵ sunrise industry

�������� speculation ��stock���� sensationalization ��news��

��������ά��װ�� vehicle and watercraft maintenance equipment

������ͷ��β�ķ����������� an out and out reactionary political force

�������� dust clouds

������û�ɱ� sunk cost

�������׼�������ܷ��� Ensure its readiness to provide effective protection

�������ڴ������� capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports

�������ڴ����Ͳ�ҵ export-oriented industry

�������ڼӹ��� export processing zones

������������Ŵ� seller's credit on exports

����������˰�� export rebate rate

����������˰�ƶ� the system of refunding taxes on exported goods�� export ��tax�� rebate

��������Ѻ�� bill purchased ��B/P���� outward documentary bill

��������ת���� domestic sales of commodities orginally produced for exports

��������Ͳ punching bag

��������ƽ�� Safe trip wherever you go

��������ͻ���¼� Deal with contingencies

�������� pyramid sales�� multi-level marketing

��������˾ shipping service company

��������ɡ�Ͷ�©���� Marine Umbrella Type Leak Stopper

����������ҵ various service trades

���������������� build a nationally advanced clean city

������ҵ���� start-up projects

������ҵ԰ high-tech business incubator�� pioneer park

������ҵ�� start-up

��������� ��advanced�� briefing

�������ټƻ� Spring Buds Program

�������� ��passenger�� transport during the Spring Festival

�������� passenger transport around the Chinese lunar new year

�����Ǿ�ӭ�� bid farewell to the old and usher in the new�� ring out the old year and ring in the new

�����������г� "Maglev train ��magnetically levitated train��, magnetic suspension train "

�����˵����������� A guilty person gives himself away by consciously protesting his innocence.

�������¹� sub-new stock

�����Ӵַž���ת��Ϊ��Լ���� shift from extensive economy to intensive economy

�����ַž�Ӫ extensive operation

�����ַ�ʽ���� extensive management

�����ٽ�������װ���������ѧ�������滯���ƻ�����չ have promoted the development of the work along scientific, regularized and legal lines.

�����ٽ�ȫ�򾭼�һ�廯 foster integration with the global economy

�����ٽ���������������������������;������� promote a coordinated development of socialist material, political and ideological civilization and advance firmly toward the grand goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way

������֤�� guaranty money for deposits

������ Certificates of Deposits

�������׼�����ƶ� reserve against deposit system

������� target hitting activities

��������� issue IOU

����������� packing credit ��loan��

��������� use doggy bags to take food home

�������Ӯ��������������ʷ�Կ��� Focusing on the two historic tasks of being capable of winning and never degenerate

������� crack down on speculation and profiteering

������� crack down on counterfeit goods

������ٰ� Office of Cracking down on Fake Products

�����򿨻� punch machine

������ڵ� cracked CD

�������ƽ��� break the deadlock

������˳�� "find one's touch, get into gear, settle into a groove"

��������� all-round responsibility system

������ͳ�� comprehensive arrangement for serious disease

������䶯 blockbuster

�������۽� open one's eyes�� broaden one's horizon�� be an eye-opener

������� tycoon

����������ɱ hammer

������·�� 1.cheap goods�� 2. popular goods of fine quality

���������� grand slam

�������ŵ� food stall

�������ŵ� sidewalk snack booth�� large stall

������ʤ white wash

�������»�С��С�»��� try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at all

�������� top notch, big shot

���������� ranch Davidian

��������������װ individual anti-riot suit

��������Я�о� individual load carrier

�������Թ��� flexible pay

���������⽻ elastic diplomacy

���������� run wild�� act restlessly

������Ʊ speculative reselling of tickets

������ү profiteer

���������� give the runaround

�������ù��� embezzlement

��������������"all around development of moral, intellectual,

��������Ʒ "off-grade goods, rejects"

������Сƽ�⽻˼�� Deng Xiaoping's diplomatic thoughts

�����͵� low keyed ��a metaphor for taking a cautious and slow approach��

�����ֿ�ȫ�򾭼�˥�� combat the global economic slump

�������� offset

�����ط��������� regional protectionism

�����ط����������� system whereby local authorities take full responsibility for their finances

��������� global village

������������ regional disparity

����������Դ geothermal resources

����������� prefecture-level city

�������� earthquak, quake

�����ڶ���ҵ secondary industry

�����ڶ��ڱ� The Second Artillery

�����ڶ����� secondary listing

����������ҵ tertiary industry�� service sector

�����������ƶ��绰��3G�ֻ��� third generation mobile�� 3G mobile

������һ����Ȩ first inning

������һ����Ա first server

������һ˫�� first pair

�������� penalty kick

�������ӹ�˾ consultancy company

�����绰������λ upgrade telephone number

�����绰���� teleconference

��������ä computer illiterate

���������� mouse potato

�������ӻ��� video conference

��������ֱ�� TV home shopping

����������Ӫ�� telecom operators

��������������֤ e-business certification

���������� sun-top

�������� drop shot

��������ִ�� revoke license

��������ʦ bartender

������٩ 1.joke, tease�� 2. chitchat, empty talk

�������ӻ� person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project

����������ѵ training for specific posts

�������˵�����̳ The ASEAN Regional Forum

�������������� ASEAN Free Trade Area

���������ǹ������� ASEAN ��Association of South-East Asian Nations��

�������� dynamic

������Ǩ�� households to be relocated

������������ independent director

�����������㹤ҵ��ҵ independent accounting unit��enterprise��

�����ɼ��⽻ holiday-making diplomacy

�������⹤�������¾��� new prospects have been opened up in our external work

��������������װ�������ִ�����װ��Ŭ��ʵ������װ����е������Ϣ��˫����ʷʹ��,�����γ���������ȫ���ṹ�ȽϺ���ľ����й���ɫ������װ��������ϵ While upgrading and modernizing current weaponry and equipment selectively so as to accomplish the historical tasks of mechanization and IT-application of military equipment. A Chinese-style weaponry and equipment system, with a relatively complete variety and a good structure, has thus come into shape.

���������ŵ���� El Nino phenomenon

��������ͨ������ hyperinflation

��������ѭ�� vicious circle

������������� crocodile tears

���������г��� ��ҵ���г� growth enterprise board�� second board�� hi-tech board

�������δ�ҵ start a new undertaking

���������г� secondary market

����������to enter the palace a second time ��people with a past criminal record again commits a crime, and is convicted and put into a correctional institution

��������ѡ�� "scrub, second-rater"

�������ַ� second-hand house

������Ԫ���� dual economy

���������� incidence ��of criminal cases��

���������� fancier�� zealot�� enthusiastic fan

������չ��ƽ�� disparate development

������չ�����й���ɫ����ս���ۡ���ǿ������ս��������ս��ִ�ж������������ Strengthen its capability for joint, mobile and multi-purpose operations.

������չ�������ü����͸��¼�����ҵ Develop dual-purpose technology and new-and high-tech industry

������չ���ҵ�ִ���˹��ĵ�һҪ�� Essential for the Party to give top priority to development in governing and rejuvenating the country

������չ��Ӳ���� Development is of overriding importance

������չҪ����˼·���ĸ�Ҫ����ͻ�ƣ�����Ҫ���¾��棬�����Ҫ���¾ٴ� It is imperative to come up with new ideas in the new century, make new breakthroughs in reform, break new ground in opening up and take new moves in all fields of endeavor.

��������˶ʿ juris master ��jm��

�������˴��� legal representative

�������˹� corporate shares

�������ƹ��� a state with an adequate legal system

��������� a country under the rule of law

�������� Designation

���������� quadruple

��������Ϊʤ "bring about a complete turnabout, pull out of the fire"

����������˰ countervailing duty

������������������ Law of the People's Republic of China Against

����������������Լ Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty ��ABM��

������������ combat corruption and build a clean government

������������ʩ anti-dumping measures against …

������ʿͨ��̥ Firestone tires

����������ϵͳ ABS ��anti-lock braking system��

���������� burglarproof door�� antitheft door

��������Ь cold weather shoes

�������鹤�� flood-prevention project

�������ط������������ counterattack

������α��־ anti-fake label

����������ս���� to enhance defense capabilities.

�������÷� mosquito prevent suit

���������ԵĹ������� a national defense policy that is defensive in nature.

������������ʦ real estate evaluator

��������֤ property ownership certificate

��������� real estate speculator

�������� real estate management

������Ȩ֤ property right certificate

������̸ʽ��ѡ ����ѡ���ڵ��ӷ�̸��Ŀ��������еľ�ѡ��talk-show campaign

�����Ÿ��� lob

�������¼��� to relinguish haughty airs�� to get off one's high horse��throw off one's airs

�������е� release permi

������ë�ȣ������� Scud missile

��������ҩ�� spot check

�����Ǵ�ͳ��ȫ���� in the field of non-traditional security issues.

�����ǶԳ������û���· Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop ��ADSL��

����������Ʒ quota-free products

�������̱꣨��ר������Ʒ generic products


�����ϵ�� used batteries

�����Ѹ�˰ transform administrative fees into taxes

�����Ѹ�˰�ĸ� tax-for-fees reform

�����ֲ����� A subsidiary company of a corporation

�������� reposition of redundant personnel

�������ڸ��� installment payment

������˰�� system of tax distribution

������ҵ��Ӫ divided operation/ management

���������� "pink-collar tribe ��Women who play major role in certain professions such as office workers, secretaries, models, airline hostesses, etc��"

�������ջ��� VC funds

��������Ͷ�� venture capital�� risk investment

��������׼���� loan loss provision, provisions of risk

�������ʽ���� close-ended fund

������ɱ���� force out

������ʥ "canonization of ""Saints"""

������ţ�� mad cow disease�� bovine spongiform enceohalopathy ��BSE��

����������ɱ razor-sharp smash

������ƶ poverty alleviation

������ƶ�칫�� Poverty Relief Office

������������ floating wages�� fluctuating wages

����������Ʊ welfare lotteries

���������ַ� welfare-oriented public housing distribution system

�������������� supplemental accident insurance

�����������˲� inter-disciplinary talent

������ʽסլduplex apartment compound apartment atype of residential housing that maximizes usable space by increasing the number of the storey building

���������� coverage rate

�����ĸ�Ҫ��ʵ�ʳ����������ƽ����ص�ͻ�ƣ�ѭ�򽥽���ע���ƶȽ���ʹ��� The reform must be promoted realistically, comprehensively and progressively with breakthroughs made in key areas and emphasis placed on institutional improvement and innovation.

������������ An enterprise is re-organized according to modern corporate system so that it will get listed on the stock market.

�����ɲ���������������ữ��֪ʶ����רҵ�� " make the ranks of cadres more revolutionary, younger in average age, better educated and professionally more competent "

������ϸ�� stem cell

����������������� pretty pass

��������� I smell a rat.

������������ a bread and butter letter ��a letter sent as thanks for being treated well as someone's guest��

������λ��ѵ on-the-job training

�����۰�̨ Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

���������θ� Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong

��������� port office�� harbor authority

�����߲�Ρ�ȫ��λ�ĶԻ� high-level and all-directional dialogue

�����߲����� high yield and high quality

�����ߵȽ�����ѧ���� self-study higher education examination

�����߶����� high degree of autonomy

�����߷ֵ��� high scores and low abilities

�����߷� peak time

�����߷���̳ summit ��forum��

�����߸ܸ˽��׻��� highly-leveraged institutions��HLI��

�����߹ٻ� Senior Officials Meeting ��SOM��

�����߼�����ʦ Certified Business Executive

�����߼��豸 sophisticated equipment

�����߼��������µľֲ�ս�� To win local wars under modern, especially high-tech conditions.

�����߼ܹ�· elevated highway�� overhead road

�����߾ٵ�Сƽ����ΰ�����ģ�ȫ��᳹“��������”��Ҫ˼�� Hold high the banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and carry out the important "Three Represents" thoughts

�����߿� ��university�� entrance examination

�����߿Ƽ���� high-tech sector

�������Ѷȶ��� stunner, stunt

������������ high definition

�������� master hand, expert

�������¼�����ҵ������ high and new technology industrial development zone

������ԭ��Ӧ,��ɽ��Ӧ altitude stress�� altitude sickness

�������з��μ� Gulliver's Travels

�������� individual share

������������Ӧ˰�걨�ƶ� the system of the declaration of individual incomes for tax payment

������������˰ personal income tax

���������ݳ��� solo concert

����������ɨ��ǰѩ�� Ī����������˪ hoe one's own potatoes

�������幤�̻� privately or individually-owned business

���������ϵ major styles of cooking

������������ let each person do his best�� from each according to his ability

��������λ " ""On your marks��"""

�������и�ҵ every walk of life

�������������ƶ� fundamental political system

��������“��ģ����У���ִ�����ѧ�����滯�������ữ����”������˼· in line with the general concept of “running schools in large scale, modernizing teaching, regularizing administration and outsourcing logistic support.”

������ƨ�� 1.one's shadow�� to tag along�� 2. flatterer , boot licker, ass-kisser, brown-noser

����������� follow-up auditing

�������졢���ߡ���ǿ Citius, Altius, Fortius

�������� traditional Chinese realistic painting

�������̹�˾ engineering company

������������ acceptance of work

�������̾� industrial and commercial bureau

������н�ײ� salariat�� state employee�� salaried person

������ҵ����һ�廯 integrated industrial control�� industrial control of integration

������ҵ԰�� industrial park

��������˰ payroll tax

��������ҽ�� medical services at state expense

������������ Bulletin Board Service ��BBS��

���������� "public accumulation funds, public reserve funds"

�������취 public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's courts"

�������������г� open outcry markets

��������Ժ� recreational activities using public funds

������˾�������ɢ separation and dissolution of a company

��������Ա civil servants

�������� public benefit activities

���������� public welfare forest

������������ƽ������ "just, fair and open"

������֤�Ʋ� notarize the properties

�������򲻸������� Everything comes to him who waits.

������ϲ���� May you be prosperous���� Wish you prosperity.

�����������쵼�µĶ൳����������Э�� multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of Communist Party

������ͬ��ԣ common prosperity

�������ж� "dog packs�� paparazzo ��singular��, paparazzi��plural�� ��It refers to those journalists who are hunting the news of celebrities.��"

�������ж� paparazzi

���������ִ����ڱ�����ϵ construct a modern logistic support system and constantly enhance its logistic support capabilities.

���������� purchasing power

�����ɱ� share capital

�����ɱ��ر��� return on equity

�����ɱ��� equity capital

�����ɷݺ����� shareholding cooperative system

�����ɷ����޹�˾ limited liability company

�����ɷ��� shareholding system�� joint-stock system

������Ʊ��Ȩ the stock option

������������ the ups and downs of the stock market

�����Ǹ���ҵ key enterprise

�����̶��绰��װ�� installation fees for fixed-line telephones

�����̶��ʲ�Ͷ�� investment in the fixed assets

�����ҿ� be attached or affiliated to�� be subordinate to

�����ҿ��� an adjunct organization

������ְ 1�� take a temporary post ��in order to temper oneself���� 2�� serve in a lower level unit for a period while retaining one's position in the previous unit

������������ connected transaction

������ó��Э��������ó����֯��ǰ��� GATT ��General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade��

������˰���� customs barrier�� tariff wall

������˰��� tariff quota

�������ڼ�ǿ�͸Ľ��������¾���˼�����ν�������� Some Issues Concerning the PLA IDEOLOGICAL-Political Work Under the Conditions of the Reform and Opening-up and the Development of a Ideological-Political Education of the Army in the New Situation

���������ƽ����Ӻ��ڱ�����ữ�й������֪ͨ Announcement Concerning Issues of Advancing the Reform of Military Logistic Support

����������� the renewal of thinking

������� optical valley

���������һ�廯 "optical, mechanical and electronic integration"

����������־ CD-ROM magazine

������ͨѶ photo-communication�� optical communication

�����㲥���Ӵ�ѧ radio and television university

�������绰ֱ�� direct response advertising

��������� advertising man�� adman

���������� wide area network ��WAN��

���������ѧ�� returned students

������ڹ���put under centralized management by specialized departments

������� circumvention

������ģ���� scale economy, economies of scale

����������� become a Buddhist

������װ�ɵ�ƽ̨ Roll-on-roll-off Adjustable Platform

������������import substitution rate�� localization rate of parts and components

����������Ա���� defense mobilization system

����������ԱίԱ�� defense mobilization system

����������Ԥ�㡢���� defense budget and final accounts

���������Ƽ���ҵ Science, technology and industry for national defense

���������Ƽ���ҵ��չ�ķ��롢���ߺͷ��ɡ����桢���� formulate principles and policies, as well as laws, rules and regulations in respect of the development of defense-related science

�������ʰ�ί�� the International Olympic Committee ��IOC��

�������ʱ�׼����֯ ISO ��International Organization for Standardization��

�������ʹ��� international common practice

�������ʺ��� international waters

�������ʻ�ս�� internationalization strategy

�������ʻ��һ�����֯ IMF ��International Monetary Fund��

�������ʼ��������� the State Technological Invention Award

�������ʽ�ֹ��ѧ������֯ organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons ��OPCW��

�������ʾ��Ʒ��Ʊ�ã��ҹ��ĸ↑�ź��ִ�������Ľ��̲���׳�� these 13 years have witnessed a highly volatile international situation and a magnificent upsurge of China's reform, opening up and modernization

�������ʿ�ѧ������ the international Scientific and Technological Award

���������͹���֯ ILO ��International Labor Organization��

������������ international settlement

�����������ڱ���� International Date Line ��IDL��

����������ҵ������˾ International Business Machine Corporation ��IBM��

����������ҵ���Ƿ�������г� International commercial satellite launching service market.

����������֧��ƽ�� disequilibrium of balance of payment

���������������� Federation Internationale de Football Association ��FIFA��

�������Ҳ�����Ϣ���� discount government loan


�������һ����ܾ� State Environmental Protection Administration

�������Ҽ��ص�ѧ�� state-level key disciplines and specialties

�������ҿƼ�����һ�Ƚ� five State Science and Technology Awards

�������ҿ�ѧ���������� The State Technological Invention Award

���������ص�ʵ���� key state laboratories

��������׿Խ��ѧ������ the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award

����������Ȼ��ѧ�� the State Natural Science Award

����������Ȼ��ѧ��һ�Ƚ� the first prize in China's State Natual Science Award

������������ Homeland air defense

��������ԺѧλίԱ�� the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council

�������ȿ��� excess reclamation

�������� The Navy

�����������ձ� the Naval Aviation Department

������ը���ձ� bomber

�������ﻥ�š�������ƽ�ȡ�Э�̡����ض�����������ı��ͬ��չ���Ϻ����� Features mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilization and seeking common development.

�������ڱ�����ữ�ĸ� the socialization of logistic support in non-combat units

�������ڱ�����ữ�ĸ�����ʳ���ϡ���ҵ����Ӫ�����Ϻ�ְ�������ƶȸĸ�ȷ���ȡ��ʵ���Խ�չ substantial progress has been achieved in this regard, including reform in food and commercial services, barracks, and the administration of civilian employees.

��������Ȧ hu la hoop

������ͬ���� peddler�� hawker

�������ӹ��� long-drawn-out project ��a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded��

����������Ȯ�� A wise goose never lays a tame egg.

�������ڲ� residence booklet

�������ڹ����ƶ� "domicile system, residence registration system "

�������� head of a household

����������� amulet

������������ National City Bank of New York

����������Ӿ water ballet

�������� ornamental column/cloud pillar/stele

�������� canopy

�������峵 scooter

�������� Ball

�������� bad account

�������� "resume secular life, unfrock"

����������� environment-friendly battery

���������ͼ��� EST��Environmentally-sound technology��

������������ protect the environment

������̫ƽ����� Pacific Rim

��������ѡ�� election at expiration of office terms

���������� turnover rate

�����ơ��ġ��� "pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking "

�����ƽ�ʱ�� prime time

������Ƶ��㻯 accounting computerization

������������� airport construction fee

���������Ʒ mechanical and electrical products

��������Ͷ���� institutional investor

��������ӷ�� overstaffing in organizations ��government��

����������������ս�� Implement the military strategy of active defense

������ѹ��Ʒ overstocked commodities ��inventories��

������������ fundamental realities of the country

��������·��Ҫ��һ���� The basic line must be followed unswervingly for a very long time to come.

��������ල grass-roots supervision

������������ democracy at the grassroots level

����������֯ organizations at the grass-roots level

����������ʩ infrastructure construction

��������˰�� base tariff level

����������֯ al-Qaeda group

���������������ͨ��� Primary and ordinary militia

�������򹤳� genetic engineering

��������ͻ�� genetic mutation

��������ͼ�� genome�� Gene chip ��DNA microarray��

�������Ź� blue chip

���������� narcotics squad

������˽���� the forces engaged in the fight against smuggling

��������Լ���ƶ� incentive and control mechanism

�������Ҿ��� cut-throat competition

��������˹�����¼ Guinness ��Book of Records��

������������ Everything goes well

���������� mascot

���������˶� maximal exercise�� X-game

��������ը�� cluster bomb

����������� collective wedding ceremony�� group wedding

������Լ��Ӫ intensive operation

�������о����Ѿ��ý������ȥ go all out for economic development

�������ʷ� houses built on the funds collected by the buyers

�����ƻ������� city specifically designated in the state plan

�����ƻ����������� responsibility system of family planning

������������봦���� central processing unit��CPU��

��������ʽ��ծ book-entry T-bonds

��������ϯ press box

����������� press conference

��������ó��ϵĿƼ�����ҵ scientific and technological enterprises that integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and trade development

����������Ȩ������ technology equity market�� technology property right exchange

������������ strive to make technological breakthrough

������������ technical disclosure

���������ܼ���Ʒ technology-intensive product

������������ spread technological knowledge to farmers

�����ȳ���ʵ fait accompli ��noun��

������������,������� let bygones be bygones

�����Ӱ� work extra shifts

�����ӿ�������к�����װ���ķ�չ Accelerate the research and development of defense weaponry and equipment

�����ӿ��г����� accelerate the marketization�� quicken the pace of marketization

�������� encrypt

������ǿ�������裬ʵ�ֹ����;����ִ��� To accelerate national defense development

������ǿ�����Ƽ����裬�ٽ��Ƽ����� Strengthen the development of defense-related science and technology, promote the progress of science and technology.

������ǿ��ѧ����Ϣ�������绯���� informationization and networking of teaching have been promoted.

������ǿ���²��� Step up military deployment

������ǿ���ۼල ensure that the correct orientation is maintained in public opinion

������Ȩƽ��ֵ weighted average

������������ speed-to-market

������ͥ�а���Ӫ household contract management

������ͥ�����а������� the household contract responsibility system

����������ҵ family firm

�����α� "distinguished guest, honored guest"

������A����� Division A soccer team

�����׹��� oracle bone inscriptions

�����۸񸡶���Χ price-float range

�����۸���֤�� public price hearings

�����ٳ� lip-synch

�����ٶ��� "deception, feint"

������ðα�Ӳ�Ʒ counterfeit and shoddy products

�������򣻺��� soccer fraud�� black whistle

�������վ��� holiday economy

�������� parole

�������� tomboy

������˲�Ʒ highly sophisticated products

������ֳ���׼�����ص㽨�衢ƽս��ϵķ��� Adheres to the policy of long-term readiness, construction of key projects, and combination of peacetime footing with wartime footing.

������ֵ���������ͳ�ͺ���ʱ��������ͳһ maintenance of the find tradition of the Party with promotion of the spirit of the times.

������ֶ��������ĺ�ƽ�⽻���ߣ�ά�������ƽ��ٽ���ͬ��չ Pursue the independent foreign policy of peace, safeguard world peace and promote common development

������ֺͷ�չ����ս��˼�� Highlights and carries forward the concept of people's war.

�������ƽս��ϡ������ϡ�Ԣ������ķ��� upholds the principle of combining peacetime footing with wartime footing, uniting the army with the people, and having a reserve among the people

�������ͳһ�����Է��ѣ������˽⣬������� "persist in reunification, oppose separation, increase understanding and iron out differences "

����������������;�����������ץ��ʵ�������ι����Ե��ι����� attach equal importance to both material and spiritual civilization and run the country by combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue.

�����������Ϣ��������ҵ�� to persist in using IT to propel industrialization

����������Ժͷ�ֹ������ȫ��һ���ش���������� Combating and preventing corruption resolutely as a major political task of the whole Party

�����߻���ը���ձ� fighter-bomber

�����ල���� watchdog

�������� alleviate burdens on sb.

�������ٲ����������� decelerating glass

������Ա��Ч downsizing for efficiency��

������� cut the ribbon

��������� the scissors gap between the prices of …… and ……

������/ƽ�� open/close a position

����������ѧ�����Ʊ��� Establish a scientific organizational structure

�����������δ�ʩ Confidence-building measures

������������ʵ��쵼�ɲ����� to build a contingent of high-calibre leading cadres

������ͧ��� Squadrons

������֧ͧ�� Flotillas

��������� draw to a close

��������ʽ̨�� gradual Taiwan independence

��������ˮ�� the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River

���������ţ�����թ�� honor credit


������Ϣ reduction of interest

�������汨�� cross retaliation

������Կ�׹��� turn-key project

������������ “Scorched Earth” plan

���������� fluke

�������� use lame arguments

�����Ų���ֻ�� sit on the fence

������̤ʵ�� be down-to-earth

�����а� challenge�� pick a quarreL

�������� a box-office success�� draw a large audience

������������ impart knowledge and educate people

�������� dean's office

������ѧ�� pedagogy�� teaching method

��������������˾ Social Science Research and Ideological Work Department of the Ministry of Education

�����ӿ� interface

�����ֵ���ҵ neighborhood enterprise

������������� emancipate the productive forces

�������˼�룬ʵ�����ǣ����ش��£�������������ʱ��� emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, coming up with new ideas in respect of theory, carrying forward our cause into the future, keeping pace with the times

�������˼�롢ʵ�����ǵ�˼��·�� ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts

������������ anti-poverty funds

�����䶾�� drug rehabilitation center

�����伱���� "overcome impetuosity and exercise patience�� no haste, be patient "

������һ�������˾����������ϵ Strengthen the relations between the armed forces and the local governments, and between the military and civilians.

�������ýṹ��ս���Ե��� Strategic adjustment of the economic structure

�����������÷� affordable houses

������Ӫ����߶ȿ�ѧ�����ִ�������ҵ modern big enterprise with highly scientific management system

�������ɺ��ڱ��ϻ�������߹����ѵ�ʹ��Ч�� Streamline the logistic support organizations and improve the cost-effectiveness of defense expenditures

������Ʒ competitive products

���������������� promote cultural and ideological progress�� develop socialist culture and ethics

������̩�� cloisonné

�������������������� Garrison

���������ϸ� take up a job through competition

��������Ժ home for the aged�� seniors' home

������ҵ���� professional dedication�� professional ethics

������������ consumption abroad

�����������ѣ�����ó�ף� consumption abroad

��������� State Council Office for Rectifying

�����Ž�ȫ���˴��Ĵλ��� the Fourth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress

�������幥�� State Key Task 95

������������ life vest

������Ԯ��Ա rescue workers

������ҵǰ��ѵ�� pre-job training

�������� neighborhood committee�� residents' committee

���������� local area network ��LAN��

�����ٰ���� host city

�����ٱ��绰 informants' hot-line telephone

�����ٱ� propose a toast

�������� refuse to take passengers

�������й��ʾ������Ĵ�����ҵ���� Gradually forms a batch of internationally competitive conglomerates

���������й���ɫ�� with Chinese characteristics

���������Ի��� policy-making body

����������֧ expenditure on armaments/expenditure on military equipment

������������ arms control


�����������ư취 approaches to arms limitation

������������������ʩ military vehicle type approval and test facility

�������������˲� armymen trained to be competent for both military and civilian jobs

�������Ӹ߲��Ӧ����ר���˲ŵ���������һ���µ�̨�� marking a new stage in the training of high-level professional for the armed forces.

�������ӻ��㽨���Ҫ the Outline for Armed Forces Construction at the Grass Roots Level

����������������Ա����ѱ�׼ Living expense standards for PLA retirees.

������������ҽ�Ʊ��� Medical insurance for demobilized servicemen

��������ԺУ�ص㽨�蹤�� Key Construction Project of Military Colleges and Schools

�������ѿ�֧ military expenditure

��������������ҵ military industrial complex

����������ҵ military industrial enterprise/defense industries

��������ҵ armament industry

������������ Military laws are peremptory.

�������񹲽��������� build advanced units through the joint efforts of the army and the masses

�������񹲽���������� joint army-civilian efforts to promote socialist ethics and culture in their respective units

�������񹲽�������λ model communities and units in the development of socialist ethics and culture established jointly by the army and civilians

���������� give consideration to both the army and the people/take care of the needs of both the army and the people

����������� for dual military and civilian use

���������� integrate military with civilian purposes

������������ united army-and-civilian defense�� army-civilian joint defense�� join-defense by army and civilians

������������ an army-civilian get-together�� Civilians and armymen had a merry get-together.

���������Ž� the unity between the army and the people�� army-people unity

��������һ�� The Army and the people are one family. �� The army and the people-one family.�� Soldiers and people are one family.

��������һ�� The soldiers and civilians are of one heart.

�������� Military banners

�����������������ƶ� Injury and death insurance for servicemen

��������ס�������ƶ� System of housing subsidies for servicemen

������ɩ soldier's wife

�������²��� military appropriations/military allocations /defense budget

�������·��� Military statutes

�������¹�Ӳ militarily competent

�������»��� military establishments

�������½�ͨ����װ�� military traffic support equipment

������������ military qualities�� fighting capability

�����������ʺ��������� military capability and political consciousness

��������ѧ˶ʿרҵѧλ���÷��� the plan of setting up specialities for master's degree of military science.

��������ѵ���뿼�˴�� The outline of Military Training and Evaluation

��������Ԥ�� military budget

��������Ԯ�� military aid

��������ս�Ե��� Adjustments in their military strategies.

��������֧�� Military expenditure

��������װ�� quartermaster equipment exhibition area

�������÷ɻ� warplane, military aircraft

������ת�� Shift from military to civilian purpose/convert defense industry to civilian production

������ת����ת�� Turn military production into civilian production, turn domestic sales to export

������ת�������� Conversion of defense-related technologies for civil use

��������֮������ˮ the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal�� a hedge between keeps friendship green

��������ʽ completion ceremony

���������� kart

�������� bid opening

�������������й���ɫ��������彨���¾��� create a new situation in building socialism with Chinese characteristics

����������˾ development company

��������ʽ��ƶ development-oriented poverty relief

��������һ��������һ����Ԥ��һ�� ����Ʒ�� to develop this generation of products while researching on the next generation of products

��������ʽ���� open-ended fund

������������ enterprises running under their production capacity

������������ commencement ceremony

���������� under-the-counter deals�� offer advantages to one's friends or relatives by underhand means

�������ź�to begin well��to make a good start

�������ⱨ�� opening speech�� opening report

�������ش��� work heard through innovations in a pioneering spirit

�������� give special favor

������ҹ�� burn the midnight oil�� work over night

������չ��ƶ����� carry out activities to help the poor and needy

������չ���ϰ�ѧ��������ѵ�������β���ת�ÿƼ��ɾ� by way of jointly running schools, sponsoring short-term training courses, offering diseases prevention and treatment assistance, and transferring achievements of scientific and technological research

���������� karez

����٩�� bargain

��������/������Ȩ put / call option

������������,�����ڸ�,�������� caretaker cabinet

��������ܰ carnation

��������Ԯ��ս�� War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

���������� quake-proof shelter

�������� take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools

���������� the craze for graduate school

���������;��� Virginian-type cigarette

�����Ƽ��ɹ� scientific research achievements

�����Ƽ��ɹ���ҵ�����̼ӿ� translation of research results into productive forces was accelerated

�����Ƽ��ɹ�ת�� transfer of scientific and technological achievements

�����Ƽ��ɹ�ת�ú�ͬ contract for the transfer of scientific achievements

�����Ƽ��������� hi-tech innovation capacity

�����Ƽ���ƶ support the poor areas with technology

�����Ƽ����� tackle hard-nut problems in science and technology/tackle hard-nut problems on the strength of science and technology

�����Ƽ����˲ŵľ��� competition in science and technology and in recruiting talented people ��or in tapping human resources��


�����Ƽ������������죬�ۺϹ��������������� Science and technology are advancing rapidly�� competition in overall national strength is becoming increasingly fierce.

�����Ƽ����� military training featuring new technologies.

�����Ƽ�ǿ�� strengthen the army by relying on science and technology

�����Ƽ���Ա�������� rational flow of scientific and technical personnel

�����Ƽ��ǵ�һ������ Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.

�����Ƽ����� system of science and technology/science and technology system/structure of science and technology

�����Ƽ��ȵ�����ҵ pace-setting technologically advanced enterprises

�����Ƽ���Ϣ���绯ƽ̨ an information network platform

�����Ƽ��˹� rejuvenate the country through science and technology

�����Ƽ���ѯ� scientific and technological consulting service

�����ƽ��˹� rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation

�����ƽ��˹�ս�� the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education

�����ƽ��˹�ս�ԺͿɳ�����չս�� strategies for revitalizing the nation through science and education and sustainable development

������ѧ�����ǵ�һ������ Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.

��������� scientific research and tackle the key research project

�����ɳ����ķ�չ sustainable development

�����ɳ�����չ sustainable development

�����ɳ�����չս�� sustainable development strategy

������ת��ծȯ convertible bond

������¼�� CD writer�� disc-carving machine

�����μ�����ʦ��ý���ѧ��ʾƬ�� courseware

�����շ���һ������ Adopt a system of combining aviation with ground-to-air defense forces

�����վ� The Air Force

������ɩ married stewardess

������ͷ֧Ʊ "accommodation note, lip service "

���������� air hostess�� air stewardess

�����ֲ���� terrorist mastermind

�����عɹ�˾ "holding company, controlling company"

���������� foot-and-mouth disease

������ͷ�� pet phrase

������ñ�� put a label on

������� extremely cool�� the coolest

�����羳����������ó�ף� cross border supply

���������͹��� a trans-century project

������Խʽ��չ great-leap-forward development

�������ٷ�Ӧ���� rapid response force

������������ fast track

��������ͻ������ rapid assault force

������������Ʒ fast-moving consumer goods

������Ѷ news flash�� flash

����������� broadband access

��������� broadband networks

���������� grace period

����������ҵ enterprises running in the red/under deficit

��������ְ�� the needy


�����������裬�̼����� expand domestic demand and consumption

������������ķ��룬��ʱ��ȡ�����IJ������ߺ��Ƚ��Ļ������� by pursuing the principle of stimulating domestic demand and adopting the proactive fiscal policy and the sound monetary policy. ensure a quick expansion and reorganization of the PLA, and expansion of the other forces.

�������� market expansion

������������ junk financing

��������ծȯ junk bond

���������������� fuel economic growth

��������ϵ try to curry favor with

���������� cheering squad

���������ӳ� "cheer-leader, rooter king"

�������������� La Nina phenomenon

������ѡƱ seek a vote

���������� cheering squad

�������� fall in love with someone

����������ʾ�绰�� caller ID telephone

�������ϼӹ� process materials supplied by clients�� accept customers' materials for processing

��������� blue chips

����������� Blue-ray Disc

������������ bluetooth

�����Ͷ���ͬ�� labor contract system

�����Ͷ����� labor dispute

�������ٱ������ "former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority nationalities, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas "

����������̸���´��ĵ� cut and dried, cliché

���������� wily old bird�� old slicker

�������ֺ� an old and famous shop or enterprise

�������˰� office for the affairs of the retired workers

������������Ա�������Ͻ� basic pensions for retirees

�������ǽ barriers/ blockage to inter-regional trading

������������ Courtesy calls for reciprocity.

���������� ritual girl

���������˾ tally company

����������ϵʵ�� linking theory with practice

��������֮����ִ��֮��������֮Դ The foundation for building our Party, the cornerstone for its governance and the source of its strength.

��������ũҵ three-dimensional agriculture

��������˰ substitution of tax payment for profit delivery

������������ wrinkle

�������� niche

������������ joint liability

�����������̵��� chain smoker

��������������� system of contracted responsibility linking remuneration to output�� contract system with remuneration linked to output

�������Ϲ������� UNEP ��United Nations Environment Program��

�������Ϲ���� the UN membership dues ��fee��

�������Ϲ������ƻ��� UNDP ��United Nations Development Program��

�������Ϲ���ũ��֯ FAO ��Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation��

�������ϼ沢 conglomeration and merger of enterprises

�������������� joint liaison group

��������Ͷ�� syndicated tender

�������뼯�� Legend Group

���������������ι� " ��of an official�� clean and devoted, and govern the state with his own example of uprightness "

������������������ʵ����Ч���� "an honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient government "

������������ Independent Commission Against Corruption ��ICAC��

������������ construction of a clean and honest administration

������������ͷ����ܶ������뿪չ the endeavor to build a clean and honest government and combat corruption

������̯ to be a vendor

��������ѭ�� virtuous circle

������ʳ�չ����� ��government's�� grain procurement ��purchasing�� agencies

�������͹�ϵ grain and oil rationing registration

��������ֱ���ٽ��� Association for Promotion of Cross-Straits Direct Transportation

����������ʷ�Կ��⣨��ߵ���ִ���������쵼ˮƽ����߾ܸ�����͵������յ������� The two major historic subjects of enhancing the abilities of administration and art of leadership and resisting corruption, guarding against degeneration and

��������һͧ "A-bomb, H-bomb and nuclear-powered submarine"

���������Եȵ�����ʵ�� two equal political entities

������������һ��ץ place equal emphasis on material and ethical progress

����������ս Amphibious operations

��������ץ�����ֶ�ҪӲ grasp both links at the same time and attach sufficient importance to both

��������ץ���ֶ�ҪӲ We must address ourselves to the problem of both material and spiritual civilization��both material as well as culture and ideological progress�� without any letup.

������˼���¸�˼Դ������˼���� to think of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence

������ԺԺʿ academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

�����ӵ�Ʒ shoddy goods�� substandard goods�� lemon ��informal��

������ͷ��˾ head-hunting company

������ʱ������ caretaker coach

������Ͳ��� zero-sum game�� zero game

��������� spare and accessory parts

�����캣 territorial waters

������ͷ�� bellwether

�������� a different, special, completely new or fashionabel type or trend

�����������֣�����ͳ���� alternative music

���������˿� transient population

��������ͼ��� travelling library�� bookmobile

������ͨ�� circulation stock

���������� meteor shower

���������ɽ�ڣ�����û���� "Where there is life, there is hope."

������ѧ��ѯ consulting on the study abroad

������ְͣн retain the job but suspend the salary

�������գ����֡��䡢�����顢�� "six classical arts�� rites, music, archery, riding, writing, arithmetic"

������ͷ��Ʒ flagship product

����½�� The Army

����¼ȡ������ enrollment mark

����¼ȡ֪ͨ�� letter of admission

����·�� road show

�����ÿ��г�Ʊ�� price of passenger train tickets

�������� have a honeymoon trip

�����̵ظ����� forest coverage rate

�����̻� afforestation

������ɫ����,�Ƽ�����,���İ��� green, high-tech and people friendly Olympic Games

������ɫ����ͨ�� emergency green path

������ɫʳƷ green food

������ɫͨ������֤���ͨ���� green channel

�����Ҽ��ʡ���̯�ɡ����շ� "unwarranted pooling of funds, arbitrary requisition of donations and exaction of fees from enterprises "

�������� messy code

�������շѡ���̯�ɡ��ҷ��� "arbitrary charges, fund-raising quotas and fines"

������ֵ��ϯ chairman on duty

�������Ĵ�� ��thesis�� oral defense

�������Ĵ�� ��thesis�� oral defense

������� bare mobile phone

��������ɹ� achieve immediate victory�� win instant success

���������˹�˿��� Malthusian Theory of Population�� Malthusianism ��Thomas Robert Malthus, 1766-1834, British economist��

����������ʽ��ѡ� campaignathon

������·�˳����ҹ��� the project to build indoor free market to accommodate street vegetable vendors

������̫ЧӦ "the Matthew effect ��A phenomenon in specific circles whereby one's accomplishments and reputation tend to snowball, and those with meager accomplishments have greater difficulty achieving accomplishments. �� "

���������Ļ� Mayan civilization

������ֶ�ַ ��һ����Ƶ��ַ����ʽͨ�ż����� CDMA ��Code Division Multiple Access��

�������г� buyer's market

����������� go public through buying a shell

���������� bulls and bears�� fictitious transaction

������һ��һ "two-for-one offer, buy one get one free"

������������ McMahon Line

��������� degree of satisfaction

������������ chronic depression

����� blind influx ��labourers aimlessly flowing from rural areas into large cities��

����ä���͵�����Ա transient from the countryside

����äĿͶ�� blindness in investment

������ illegal deal�� underhanded activity

����ì�ܵ��ձ��� universality of contradictions

����é���ٿ� be suddenly enlightened

����ð���װ�����ۣ�[ָ��������Ʒ��װ����������Ų�Ʒ���۵�����] copycat packaging

����ó�ױ��� trade protectionism

����ó�׺�Ͷ�����ɻ��ͱ����� TILF ��Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation��

������� adverse balance of trade�� trade deficit

����ó��˳�� favorable balance�� trade surplus

����ó���뷢չίԱ�� Committee on Trade and Development

����ó���Ʋ� trade sanction

����ó�����ɻ� trade liberalization

����ñ��Ϸ�� hat trick

����û�й�ز��ɷ�Բ Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.

����ÿ��ѽڱ�˼�� On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one's dear ones far away./ It is on the festival occasions when one misses his dear most.

��������֮�� Voice of America ��VOA��

������������ bel canto

������ʳ�� gourmet festival

�����Ż��������� open-door policy

�����Ż���վ portals

������������ Monroe Doctrine

������ǰ���� "be responsible for general sanitation, green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building "

��������ʫ misty poetry

�����ɹŰ� ��Mongolian�� yurt

�����ɹŴ�� quack

�������� Mencius

�����Բʷ� battle fatigues�� camouflage coat

�����Բ�ϵ�з�װ camouflage suits

����������α��ѧ Superstition and pseudo-science

�����״���ʡ�������� provincial governors assuming responsibility fofr the rice bag ��grain supply��

������Ѵ�ߣ���������������ݹ���������������Ӧ���õĹ��ң� free-rider

������˰��Ʒ tax-free commodities

����������� pass without examination ��P.W.E��

��������21���͵����������Ի���ϵ a constructive, strategic partnership between China and the United Stated aimed at the next century

������������� extinct species

��������ʦ citizen-managed teachers ��teachers in rural citizen-managed or state-managed schools who do not receive the normal remuneration from the government��

�������ս���ƶ� Militia combat readiness system

������ͨ�� general provisions of the civil law

������ migrant laborer

�����񹤳� farmers' frenzied hunt for work in cities

��������⽻ people-to -people diplomacy

��������ʱ� private capital

��������� Democratic Progressive Party

������������ civil procedure

��������ʳΪ�� people regard food as their prime want�� food the first necessity of man

������Ӫ��ҵ individually-run enterprises

�������ú˵����ҵ������չ Nuclear power for civil use should be industrialized

�����������ɡ����������޵�����ʿ "non-Communist parties, federations of industry and commerce, personages without party affiliation "

�������������� democratic centralism

���������ල democratic supervision

�������������� national cohesion

���������������� regional autonomy of ethnic minorities

��������ίԱ�� ethnic affairs commission

���������Ļ���ʡ a province with rich ethnic culture

����������ʶ national consciousness

����������Խ�� ethnocentrism

��������˫�� gain in both fame and wealth

�������� famous actor�� famous high quality brand

���������װ����ѣ�2000�걣��������Ȩ�湤�����⣩ transparent consumption

����ģ���� imitation show

����ģ���߼� fuzzy logic

����ģ��ս�ԣ�������̨�������Ϸ��е����ߣ� indistinct strategy

����ģ����� mock test�� simulated exam

����Ħ�Ž� Mormon Church ��the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints��

����ĥ�� dawdle along

����ĩλ��̭ ��under the new personnel system�� the person graded last in the performance evaluation will be laid off from his position

����Īʧ���� make hay while the sun shines

����ı�����ˣ��������� "The planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven. / Man proposes, God disposes. "

����ĸϵ������� matriarchal clan society

����Ŀ����� management by objectives, quto management

����Ļ����� pull strings behind the scenes�� wire-pulling

���������Ѻù�ϵ�������� good-neighborly and friendly relations ��cooperation��

������˹�� Muslim�� Moslem

�������ֺ�Ϸ masterpiece

�����ں� in-fighting

�����ڻ�· inner ring road

����������ҵ enterprises with internal connections

������������������� Intranet

�������� early retirement

�������� nanometer

������˰�� tax payer�� tax bearer

������˰�걨�ƶ� tax declaration system

������˹��� National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations ��NASDAQ��

������������Ʒ durable consumer items ��goods��

������������Ʒdurable consumer goods,consumer durables

�����и����ݳ��� tenorist

������Ȩ����˼�� male chauvinism

�����ϱ��Ի� North-South dialogue

�������Ϻ��� South-South cooperation

������ˮ���� South-to-North water diversion

������ˮ�������� divert water from the south to the north project

�����ѵú�Ϳ "Where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise."

�������� complete a sweep

���������� be disgruntled�� be in a fit of pique

�����ܹ����� be ready to both serve as an official and be one of the common people

�����ܽ��ܳ����������� competent to work both at the top and at the grass roots

�����ܽ��ܳ�����������,��ν�ú� He who knows how to fight and how to retreat deserves to be called a brave man.

�������������ֻ� WAP phone

������ķ������� Nimda

���������� like a clay Buddha fording the river-hardly able to save oneself�� each one is looking out for his own survival

������ʯ�� mud-rock flow

���������� annual return

������ͬ�� year-on-year�� on an annual basis

������ҹ�� family reunion dinner

�������ͣ��� nirvana

����Ťת���� "reverse the tide, turn the table"

����ũ��Ʒ��ͳ���ɹ� unified purchasing of farm produce by the state according to fixed quotes

����ũ��ʣ���Ͷ��� surplus rural labour ��labourers��

����ũ����������ҵ agro-industrial-commercial combines

����ũ�� agricultural reclamation

����ũ�ּ��� agro-forestry

����ũū�� serfdom�� serf system

����ũҩ���� pesticide residue

����ũҩ������ pesticide residue

����ũҵ��̬ѧ agricultural ecology

����ũҵ����ֵ added value of agriculture

����ũת�� rural residents become urban residents

����Ū�ɳ�׾ be too smart by half�� Cunning outwits itself.

����Ū�����١������˷���Ϊ�൱���� falsification, extravagance and waste are still serious problems among some leading cadres in our Party.

����Ŭ������һ֧���������ִ��������滯��������� form a revolutionary, modernized and regularized people's army

����Ŭ��ʵ�ּ�����չ�Ŀ�Խ strive to achieve leapfrog technological progress.

����ŮȨ�˶� movement for women's rights

����ů�´� warm temperate zone

����ŵ�Ƿ��� Noah's Ark

����ŷ�Ǵ�½�� Eurasia Land Bridge

����ŷԪ Euro

����ŷ�޹�ͬ�� European Communities ��EC��

����ŷ�޻��� Euro-currency

����ŷ�޻���һ�廯 European monetary integration

����ŷ��ίԱ�� European Commission

����ŷ������ó������ EFTA ��European Free Trade Association��

����ż�� idol

���ס���� ŷ�ñ����ڷ��빫˾  ���ڷ���