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����ACTION: When sharing a bed with a partner, it is important to be selfish

����about your sleeping arrangements. Find a good starting position that is comfortable for you, even if this means putting distance between the two of you��


����5.The Sunbather ����

5.The Sunbather ����5.The Sunbather ����

����GOOD FOR: Snoring


����BAD FOR: Teeth grinding, pain and numbness in hands


����WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Sleeping on the front will help to prevent snoring, as the muscles of the throat will not sag backwards under gravity. However, if you’re a teeth grinder

����it can make the condition even worse. When people sleep on their front, their lower jaw is positioned further forward than normal. Also, you have to rotate your neck to either the left or right, causing strain on one side. Nerve compression occurs when the bones of the spine press on the nerves in the neck��


����ACTION: You could also try sleeping on a pillow placed lengthwise under your stomach to your shoulders, as this can help to reduce the arching of the back��


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