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Many brides ask me, "I do not understand the dress, what kind of dress I wear the most appropriate?" To answer the question to consider the physical characteristics of each bride, color, hobbies, and details of Party Dresses occasions and more. Is worth noting that to establish their own style is very important. Identify their most unique temperament, and the right way to wear out your inner charm with beautiful wedding to be expressed, so that true inner beauty of appearance with the combination, will be able to show your unique charm. In defining the style, you must understand it in fact covers many aspects. Elegant, art, leisure and romantic, these words on behalf of occasions, mood, personality, and for such time and place the clothing type of overall impression. Each style has its own adaptation of the time, place, and we must not set their own style in a model, we must know the style of dress for each occasion. The dress is very important to local conditions.
����Elegance: Elegance are often described as medium build, symmetrical facial features, well-proportioned physique, and conservative attitude towards life. But some shapely, neat facial features, of medium build who is not conservative or occasionally conservative, it should not be limited to her she was not very fond of a particular style. Some other body is not very good but probably slightly higher than the average person or Lueai people, sometimes you want to or pretend to look elegant and conservative. I think elegance is defined as: where each person according to need, must have a conservative outlook. As we are familiar with Lu Yu, Yang Lan wearing most of the time are very elegant. I gave the bride an elegant Classic Dresses worn by models proposed are: princess, queen type, A-Line or Zhitong Qun type. Fabric recommendations: is low-key luxury thick silk satin, delicate lace of flowers and soft flowing chiffon, silk satin smooth, so smooth down
����Artistic: Artistic people are often described as tall and slender figure, a distinctive personal colors, angular shape, and unconventional. But it does not show a height of not less than 1.6 people have exaggerated artistic style. This is entirely up to you if the definition of "art." I think art is for all type of avant-garde can be dressed up look, no matter how her skeleton and body, as long as she wanted that look. We define people through arts-based programming taste for the avant-garde look each person, regardless of what her frame and body, as long as she knows how to choose your own unique style of clothes. For example, we all know she's wearing LADEGAGA has been very exaggerated. Artistic bride, I give advice: short ballet skirt, flared skirt, Formal Dresses, unique design group type, such as asymmetrical design princess dress fabrics recommendations: futuristic metallic sequins, shiny coating fabrics, sequins lace fabric, feathers, lace, real silk, organza, taffeta, net yarn

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