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����In many parts of the world, it`s not easy for a woman to snag a rich man. But in China, it`s an acquired art that can be learned in class.
����A picture of a book called Marry the Right Person hangs on the wall. Shao Tong, relationship consultant at a Beijing-based company is revealing how to read a rich face.
����"When you see him the first time, you should pay attention to his left face because it shows his real personality," Shao says.
����"While the right one is what we call `a social face.`"
����For more traditionally minded Chinese, the face is a window to the soul and Shao is touting her second sight for the Deyu Nü Xueguan company - the "school for virtuous ladies," kind of.
����"Knowing what kind of person he is on the first date leads you to final victory," she says.”
����Mind your manners
����Rich Chinese men might be good at judging businesspeople and deals, she says, but they have less expertise knowing the women they date. They tend to observe their prey quietly at dinner, Shao explains.
����"They observe the way you eat, the food you order and the communication you have with the waiter to judge if you are wife material," she says.
����"And no matter what happens during dinner, you have to stay calm."
����Some of his students, aged between 21 and 49, are blinded by their desire to marry rich, says Ding Zhenyu, a consultant at the same company.
����China today has more billionaires than any other country except the United States.
����Fast facts: Changing marriage ideas
����Attitudes towards love and marriage are changing among Chinese people. More are delaying marriage out of financial concerns: No money, no marriage.
����Housing, savings and income are top of the agenda for about 70 percent of more than 32,000 women interviewed, according to a 2010 Chinese Marriage Status report conducted by the China Association of Marriage and Family Studies.
����"Of course, a woman can make it by herself but she can do it faster with a man," said Gong Haiyan, founder of Shiji Jiayuan, one of the country`s largest dating websites.
����About 47 percent of single Chinese men and women aged between 20 and 24 got married in 2005, but that fell to 37 percent in 2009, according to the 2010-2011 Pink Paper Report on Marriage and Love among China`s Single Persons.
����The number of singles aged between 18 and 34 will hit 180 million this year, 60 million of them urban citizens, the report predicts.
����Tips to landing a rich Chinese man
����Stay calm when presented with luxury gifts;
����Befriend his parents or extended family;
����Go where the rich are: fancy bars, restaurants, ceremonies and private clubs;
����Learn how to behave in an expensive restaurant and study formal party dress codes;
����Don`t be sycophantic, no matter how much you love his money.

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