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����The More Loving One
����W. H. Auden
����W. H. �µ�
����Looking up at the stars, I know quite well , ����Ⱥ�ǵ�ʱ�֣���һ�������
����That�� for all they care, I can go to hell, �������ǹػ������������п��ܸ��ظ���
����But on earth indifference is the least , ���dz���������˿������η�壬
����We have to dread from man or beast. ��������޵��Ƿ���Į��
����How should we like it were stars to burn , ����Ⱥ��ȼ���Źػ����ǵļ��飬
����With a passion for us we could not return�� ����ȴ�޷��ر����������θ��룿
����If equal affection cannot be, �����޷�����ͬ���ĸ��飬
����Let the more loving one be me. ���ҳ�Ϊ���а��ĵ��ˡ�
����Admirer as I think I am , ����������ΪȺ�ǵij���ߣ�
����Of stars that do not give a damn, ���������ں���
����I cannot, now I see them , say �����ҿ�Ⱥ�ǣ���ȴ������ݣ�
����I missed one terribly all day. ˵�ҳ���˼��һ�����ǡ�
����Were all stars to disappear or die, �������е�������ʧ����������
����I should learn to look at an empty sky , ��Ӧ��ѧ�������յ�����գ�
����And feel its total dark sublime, ͬʱ�������һƬ��ڵij�ߣ�
����Though this might take me a little time. ��Ȼ��������Ҫ����һ��ʱ�䡣

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